Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Back from my Holiday Break!!

Okay, to the 2 people that keep telling me that you're waiting for me to post - you know who you are - HERE I am!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everybody had a terrific Christmas or whatever other holiday you might celebrate. Our Christmas was merry and we are all hopeful that 2009 will be a good one. I had family get-togethers and family get-togethers -- all fun!

I'm not a resolution person... as I said at a gathering on New Year's Day... I see them as setting yourself up to fail (I got both laughed at and scolded for that comment). BUT I do like Christine Kane's idea (I've read her blog for a couple of years now as does my friend Kerri apparently). So, I think that my word for 2009 has to be confidence. This is something I find the past year, I've really been lacking in, so maybe if I make it a word to focus on that will help!

The Ten on Tuesday list for this week is "10 Things You Want to do in 2009". Now, I don't see these as the same thing as resolutions...these strike me as specific things you want to do, not like things you want to change about yourself or something. Anyway, mine follow in no particular order:
1. My daughter has asked me to be in the delivery room with them, so I really hope to do that in 2009 (that I'll get to the hospital in time and all)!
2. It would be nice to spend a night or 2 away with my husband somewhere (we haven't done that in awhile).
3. Spend time with my grand kids - I'll have 3 for more than half the year!
4. Spend time with my 4 grown kids and families.
5. Do artwork for shows.
6. Do artwork just for fun.
7. Do some needlework again.
8. Read more fiction than I did this past year.
9. Focus on the word confidence as stated above.
Alright, I can only come up with 9, but there they are.

As a storm is headed our way, I have to choose this as the quote for tonight:
"Always maintain a kind of summer when in the middle of winter". Thoreau


Marilyn Rock said...

Welcome back Laura! Great post and I agree, with you, on the resolutions. Life is too full of surprises, for me, to keep resolutions.

Kyle and Amy said...

Good ten on tuesday or nine,
see you thursday.

DJ said...

I'm with you on resolutions! And your 9 things sound like good, achievable things for the new year. I was never a big fan of Thoreau, but that's a nice quote and very apropos for our current weather. Very glad to have you posting again! Keep it up. :)

Kerri Jean said...

I don't entirely agree about the resolutions, because I found that even when I didn't declare them publicly, they were still inside me and I still felt like a failure when I didn't achieve them. But I do think the one word idea is better because it's non specific and gets to manifest itself in a more organic way. Have confidence Laura!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the color of your site and the musings within. How thrilling to be invited to the delivery room. What a miracle to be witness to such a powerful life transforming event! Thanks for stopping over!

Ricë said...

so send me your address, and i'll send you a copy of Stamp Artistry, if you'd like to have it.