Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh yeah, YESTERDAY was Monday!

After a very busy weekend, I TOTALLY lost track of the day of the week, until my daughter asked me this morning where was yesterday's prompt! I guess, after spending the whole day Saturday in the Renaissance, I forgot about blogs and such! Anyway, the festival was lots of fun (professional actors in period costume that walk around the grounds performing and also have staged performances, artisans, games, man powered rides, and food galore) and Sunday was, too. Sunday we went to a State Park to see Lake Ontario...nothing short of amazing...I'd never seen one of the Great Lakes before...it's like going to the ocean...waves and everything!! Then we visited Lake Oneida. Very pretty and very large. We had lunch at a restaurant in a place called Sylvan Beach and the restaurant was basically right on the beach. You could eat and look at the water. Just lovely!

The prompt for this week is a single word - Pandemonium. Your art/writing could be your reaction to the word OR could be a representation of the word OR you could turn it around and do the opposite of the word.

"One reason people often hold back is a fear of making mistakes. But the idea of "mistakes" is almost not valid: A mistake is an unforeseen opportunity. It is a way to generate previously unimagined ideas and to find and create new possibilities." Deborah Putnoi

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Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; happy you and yours had a great weekend; sounds wonderful. Great prompt! Thank you!