Friday, April 18, 2008

The first picture is one of my paint and texture collages. It's done with paint, different mediums, cheesecloth, and lacy paper. I've really been into doing these lately.
I hope these photos show stuff okay. I know quite abit and do quite well with film photography, but digital photography???well, not so much and digital photography and computers...forget it, I know practically nothing.
These are 2 of my Affirmation Collages. The first one is the one I'm keeping (and is my Mom's head). Okay, now I'm confused. Here the 2 photos are left and right, but when I go to preview they aren't next to each other. At any rate the one with yellow shoes mentioned is my Mom! I'll have to show it to her and see what she thinks! The affirmations in my collage all have personal meaning to me (for ex. the yellow shoes one - just before doing the collage one of my daughters and I were shopping and looking at Converse One Star sneakers. I liked a pair, but thought I might be too old for them. Well, thanks to her I bought a pair!).
"We are but birds of passage and must build our nests out of what materials we can find." Lady Wilson 1889


Marilyn Rock said...

Laura! Congrats on your first uploaded pics! Fantastic! Love your textured backgrounds - really beautiful colors. I want to touch them! Your affirmations are wonderful; so meaningful to you and to read them. I can see the resemblance with you and your Mom - beautiful!

kerrip said...

these are wonderful Laura!!! And as for all of the computer stuff, you'll continue to have a-ha moments all the time. In spite of the fact that I make my livelihood working on a computer, I consider myself somewhat of a technophobe. If it's any consolation, I take miserable photos with my $400 sony cybershot (okay so i also still haven't read the manual)... and I still find the way blogger previews and posts images utterly confusing so I LOL at that comment -- in my design life, I can move images, so that function of blogger frustrates me all the time!!!

kerrip said...

... okay probably I should have sent an email rather than 2 long-winded comments, but I also meant to say that I love love love your affirmations - particularly "begin... and begin today" I have to affirm that myself all the time!!! It is always the first step that we are so hesitant, reluctant, procrastinating to take!!!