Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quotes and more

I love quotes and lines from books, poems, and songs! In fact, I've so far collected an entire notebook of them. Alot of art that I've done has had quotes incorporated into it. There's just something about coming across words that express something that you've thought or felt, but couldn't put into words. I always hope when I use one in art that it'll touch someone else the way it touched me. Anyway, I'll be using quotes here, too.

Just in case anyone isn't familiar with these, I wanted to mention Blogarithm and Bloglines. Blogarithm sends you an e-mail to let you know that blogs you read have updated and Bloglines updates automatically everytime one of the blogs you read posts and you go to it whenever you want. Very cool way to read your regular blogs!

"Isn't that just how it happens. A person need only walk over your threshold and your life can become forever changed, lived under a different sky." from the novel These Granite Islands by Sarah Stonich.


Marilyn Rock said...

This is a marvelous quote Laura! I'm so glad you shared this. How true it is, too. I'm so happy you walked across my threshold - thank you :)

kerrip said...

Already I am learning a new blog tip from you that I didn't know. I love that you have an entire quote journal. I 'collect' quotes rather haphazardly and jot them everywhere but I like the idea of having them in one place.