Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Week's Prompt

I'm posting this now rather than yesterday 'cause my 80 year old Mom had surgery yesterday and I was at the hospital for 10+ hours. Playing a little "catch-up" this morning. She's doing well.

The prompt for this week is as follows: Think of something that you still own from childhood or from your teenage days. You can get it out and look at it. (If you don't have anything then dredge up a memory!) Now do art or write from that object. The art/writing can
be based on the object itself or on the feeling that the object creates within you. Just go with it.

"An unused memory gets lost, ceases to exist, dissolves into nothing - an alarming thought. Consequently, the faculty to preserve, to remember, must be developed." Author Christa Wolf


kerrip said...

I didn't get to execute your last prompt Laura, but this one really has the creative juices flowing. I don't save a lot of mementos, but I do have lots of old photos - and my blog is often an exercise in remembering, so this is right up my alley!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; this is a great prompt; gets the juices flowing for sure. I do have a picture that I've had, here, that would be very appropriate for this. Great quote to on your post. Thank you!

Glad to read your mom is okay.