Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Monday Rolls Around!

Here's another picture from our weekend at the cabin. This is my husband standing on the dock and 2 son-in-laws and a daughter in the rowboat fishing. I'll just say that we did NOT have fish for dinner.
Two beeswax collages are next. I love beeswaxing so much that I can smell the wax and feel it on my fingers, just looking at these! The first one is done with some tissue and with papers that I handcolored plus the image. The second is napkin, tissue, 2 colors of skeleton leaves and a tin birdhouse plus the images.
If anyone out there hasn't tried working with the embossed wallpaper, you really should. It's alot of fun! It can be painted with acrylics and looks very cool (just hit the raised part with your paint and then you get the contrast). It can also be used by placing a piece of paper over it, roll a crayon sideways pressing hard, and then hit it with watery acrylic with a foam brush. The paint will resist the waxy crayon. Look at your wallpaper store or Home Depot or Lowes type store.
Prompt for the week. There have been many definitions for the term HOME ...dictionary definitions, poetic definitions, and definitions in novels. Come up with your own definition and then create artwork. If anyone wants to share their definition, I'd love to hear it!
"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." from the television show The Wonder Years (I've been collecting quotes a long time!)


Marilyn Rock said...

Love the photo of your cabin weekend with the fisherpeople :) That spot is beautiful! I can see why you'd want to go back. Your beeswax collages are beautiful; love the quote about the friendships!

DJ said...

The collages are great! Home is a good prompt, very thought provoking!

Kerri Jean said...

Your beeswax collages absolutely enchant me. I love these. The quote is sooo true. I loved the wonder years. They always ended with great observations on life. I should have written them down - I'm glad you did!