Thursday, June 26, 2008

Art Journal Pages and Thoughts

These are a couple more art journal pages.
Every now and then (well, truth be told, it's more often than that), I go through a real period of doubting myself and any talent whatsoever. I feel like one reason that I get that doubt so strongly is that I am basically completely self-taught. Most things that I know about art (or craft) I have learned from a book or a magazine or by trial and error. I don't know why I feel that that makes me less worthy of the artist title, but I realize that I do feel that way. Anybody else have any thoughts on this subject???

"Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves." Louise Berkinow


Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; Love your art journal pages and your post is very thought provoking. The topic hits home, with me, incredibly so. I struggled with this self-doubt thing for years; even prior to discovering art. I have to admit,over the past year, I'm feeling a bit better about myself and my art because I'm becoming more comfortable with myself. I'm not great with the written word, here, but I am my art. That's why, last year, I needed the paper bag to breath into to show my work publicly :) This year, I'm a bit more confident because I'm just really getting to know myself more. My art is an expression of myself and therefore an extension of sorts. Am I making sense? Being self-taught or studying art in a more formal way, doesn't make me less of an artist. We are artists, and being self-taught, I feel, makes the journey even that much more incredible I think. Not to say that I don't slip into those self doubt periods, any more, but it's like that wonderful post that we read in the Blog you recommended (cannot remember her name)??? Remember the spam that enters our minds? Well; I'm learning to hit the delete button :) You are an artist Laura - inside and out. Your art reflects you, your mind and heart and that is why it's so beautiful!

DJ said...

I know what you mean, with the self doubt, I think everyone feels like that at times. But just because you are self taught doesn't mean you aren't an artist. I know plenty of people that have formal training but their art lacks something, it may be technically good, but it has no "life" to it, if you know what I mean. Your art has a lot of life AND talent. Albert Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Having the schooling or formal background doesn't define you as an artist. Don't second guess yourself. You're awesome! :)

kerrip said...

Yes, yes, yes, Laura. Silence the inner critic. Although I am schooled in graphic design, I am also self taught in most other mediums, and I was surprised to find that even many well-schooled and financially successful artists also have periods of self doubt. Mine is worse when I do too much looking at others work, and comparing myself to others level of skill. I find the internet, as wonderful as it is, to be a confidence killer at times, so when I'm feeling fragile, I sometimes have to avoid looking at others' work and just immerse myself in mine for awhile. Ditto to marilyn & dj's comments. You are and artist and your works are wonderful!!!