Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Journal Pages and Angels

These are two more pages in that same art journal. I included a few pages of drafting vellum into my signatures as a semi-transparent look at done pages and you can see one of those vellum pages here.
Then there are three more of my angel collages done with Heather Cockrell's beautiful pictures. These also are done with gel medium transfers and then are embellished with a little melted beeswax at the end. These are 3 x 3" stretched canvases.
"She and Franny have often spoken of men and of how their chromosome structure, x and y, must account for so very much of the differences between the genders. You breakup with a guy and you spend days listening to 'Claire de Lune' over and over and drinking white wine and sleeping until 11 in the mirning. In the same situation, a guy gets his car detailed.
There's only 1 thing, Franny never fails to remind her. Guys wrote those songs...I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...Look at me; I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree...Oh, my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch...Maria, I've just met a girl named Maria and suddenly that name will never be the same to me....Those were written by men. If they can do that, they cannot really be eight-celled organisms." from Twelve Times Blessed by Jacqueline Mitchard


Marilyn Rock said...

More beautiful art of yours Laura! Your journal and pages are just awesome! Love your angel collages - so moving and meaningful! Thanks for the inspiration! Love the quote, too!

kerrip said...

I always love text used as a pattern and graphic, like you've done on your angels...and your quote... I still blame it all on the Y chromosome!!!