Monday, June 23, 2008

Art News and Pics and a Prompt

The collages are both mini 2 3/4" square collages and are done with beeswax.

My Art News is that I'll be selling some art items at Silver Birch Trading Post in Albany! It is located just up from the Spectrum Movie Theater on Delaware Avenue. It's a nice little shop that has local artist's products and fair trade products.

This week's prompt is a single word. As usual it can be used for poetry or art. The word is emerging. React to it as you will. You can respond to it as you emerging or a part of you emerging or as something else emerging.

I have gotten some terrific swaps from the prompt challenge of 2 weeks ago - the found poetry on a background of art. Thank you to the participants and there's no deadline...if anyone else wants to participate, feel free anytime.

Today's quote is from Emily Dickinson...not one of my favorite poets, but I like some of her stuff. "The landscape listens and we hear it call our own name."


Evelyn said...

Hi Laura
I'm jealous of your attendance at the conference - it's one I've always wanted to find the time to go to. Hope you'll share some more of your experiences from the conference with us here.
I wanted to let you know I've finally tried gel transfers, using your clear directions. You made it sound so much more doable than so many other directions I've read. It's fun! Thanks!
Congratulations on the new sales venue. Sounds like a fun opportunity.

Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; congrats on selling your work in Albany! Wonderful! Is that place far from the Art Room? I think this is super! Glad you enjoyed the conference, too. I like your new prompt :)

kerrip said...

Congrats on your new sales venue!! I'll have to treat myself to an artist date to stroll through Albany and check out Silver Birch!! I'm loving your mini collages Laura!!

DJ said...

That's awesome, Mom! Your art will do very well, I'm sure! I'm almost finished with my found poetry piece too.

JMJ said...

I can't wait to go see what you have for sale at the shop! Way to go, Mom!