Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Monday and It's Prompt Day!!

The top two photos are of some antique store finds (from a trip to Hudson), finds in a shop in Schenectady (CatBird Shop) and a couple things from Bennington. The next is a 6" square Affirmation Collage I did awhile back.

Had a great day today trying out a fun new art technique with a great friend. We did rubbings of embossed wallpaper (I NEVER remember the name of the wallpaper - it starts with an A). Then we painted over the rubbing. It was very cool!!

The prompt for this week is another single word one - the word Bodacious. Isn't that a neat word?? Just the sound of it! Use it as a prompt by being bodacious or by reacting to the word.

Today's quote is one I just came across recently and just love. Short and to the point.
"If there is no wind - row." Latin Proverb


Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; I've always loved the word Bodacious! Super prompt. I also love the pictures of your "finds" -they surely get the creative juices going. Wonderful affirmations on your beautiful collage!

kerrip said...

Bodacious makes me think of one particular girlfriend from childhood, who I just happened to see over the weekend. If I could pick just one word, that would be it. I may have to make an artful tribute to her. -- I just found Dyani's blog. She's brilliant.