Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hi, everyone! Happy 3rd of July!!
These pics are a couple I did awhile back. The first is a 4" canvasboard and the second is a 10" stretched canvas. Both are beeswax.
Yesterday I made a run to Albany to the art store to get some more canvases. I need to get an order ready to go out to Dick Blick, but I wanted a certain size that I didn't have and didn't want to wait.
I've been trying to come up with a piece for a show that I wanted to enter and am totally drawing a blank on inspiration!! I've done other art -- so it's not a block, but this has to be a specific topic...on that I'm blocked apparently. Well, I'll either get an inspiration this weekend and produce the art or...well, or I won't. I'm not going to beat myself up about it.
I just joined a MOO card swap on-line and am really looking forward to it. The person (Lelainia Lloyd)that recently wrote an article for Somerset Studio about MOO cards is doing the swap. COOL, huh??
Have a great long weekend! Hope you'll be spending some time with family as I am.
Happy Independence Day!!
"Our siblings. They resemble us just enough to make all the differences confusing and no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast in relation to them our whole lives." Susan Scarf Merrill


Marilyn Rock said...

These creations are beautiful Laura. The top one is very moving; love the quote - great color! The Childrens'-themed piece is really neat - the cut-outs are fantastic touch!! Happy weekend!

Sharon said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for commenting on my blog and letting me know about yours. Thanks for sharing your unique collages and personal art journal pages here.
I'll visit more often.

aimee said...

hi laura! thanks for participating in my journal giveaway; please send me your address (my e-mail address is on the post) and i'll send it on its merry way!

kerrip said...

ooh. I particularly like the one on top. The colors are just so yummy together. I've also been meaning to make moo cards for a long time, just haven't gotten to it yet. Sounds like great fun!!