Saturday, July 12, 2008

Late Breaking News.....

I just found out that a piece I entered in a juried show in Greene County was accepted into the show!! I'm very happy. This was a really neat concept - They selected 6 specific spots in Greene County. You made art from any one of those spots. One of my daughters lives in Greene County (see Lavabo in Aquam in my links), so we drove around and took photographs at 4 of the spots. We each did art work for 1 spot (coincidentally different ones) and submitted it. She'll probably talk about hers on her blog, so I don't want to here. Mine is a beeswax collage done with a photocopy of a photo I shot at the spot in Catskill. It's a riverview and I ended up really being happy with my photo. The collage I had a really hard time getting started fact it was about 48 hours from the deadline of emailing a photo of the finished piece and I was still saying "I'm just not entering." Well, happily, that is all behind me (thanks to my daughter "talking me down off the art ledge" so to speak) and I've been accepted into the show. So, until the next show I'm calm and collected. ha, ha Oh, yeah, this show will be August 2nd - Sept 20 at the Greene County Arts Council gallery in Windham. They have 2 galleries - one in Catskill and one in Windham - Some counties apparently actually value the arts. I don't think my county has even heard of the arts. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get what I'm saying.

ALSO, just found out that I'll be in a show with 2 other artists in Albany as part of the First Friday Art Night in September. So, that'll be very cool, too.


Evelyn said...

You're well-deserving of any and all recognition for your art! Congratulations!
You're the best sort of artist - not only is your art terrific, but you're so encouraging of others and you also have the ability to teach and to explain so that the details of a technique can be followed by others. And your passion shows through in your art and in your teaching. Thanks!

Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; good things happen to good people - I always have believed that. Your art is you and because of that - you are meeting with success. I never had any doubts - congrats on all the good news here! Love, Marilyn

Kerri Jean said...

Great new Laura!! Please send all of the info on the shows so that we may have an opportunity to see your work in person!!!