Monday, July 21, 2008

Collages, a Prompt, & Magic Erasers

These are three more small collages that I've done recently. Today I got quite abit done, so now have more photos to take!

I can't believe that it's Monday again already! Time just goes so fast and summer really flies by!

When I explained doing gel medium transfers, I mentioned that I had heard that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers worked well for helping get the white fuzzies off. Can't remember if I ever reported back that I had tried it or not. Well, I did and it worked very well! I got most of it off and then dampened the Magic Eraser and did some more and it really cleaned it up nicely.
This week's prompt - This is fun! I did it in a journal once and came out with a very cool page. Cut out the letters in your first name - each letter from a different color paper. Cut each letter into 3 pieces. Now glue down on a piece of black paper in an interesting scattered way.
"Any fool can marvel at the bizarre. Only the wise can marvel at the ordinary." unknown


Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful collages Laura! Love your colors! The prompt is very cool! I'll have to try that magic eraser :)

DJ said...

Awesome collages, as always! Must try the magic eraser. Those fuzzies were driving me nuts, just when you think you're done, more of them pop up. That quote is great!!

Kerri Jean said...

Love the bird collages Laura!!! And thanks for the tip. I'd much prefer using them as a transfer tool than for my original purpose- getting the gunk off of my mini blinds!!!