Thursday, July 24, 2008

YAY!! I won an award!

Don't have time to really post as we're going tent camping* this weekend and I still have stuff to do, but.....My friend Kerri has given me the Brillante Weblog Award!! Talk about excitement!! Talk about honor!! I will do the linking and all when we get back, but I just couldn't wait to at least announce it. Thanks, Kerri!

*Of course, the weather forecast is rain the whole weekend! Nothing like tent camping in the rain...believe me, I know from experience...lots of experience. Everyone that is familiar with our track record of weather for camping trips always says "Don't plan any outdoor activities for this weekend - Laura's going camping". This is also our first camping trip since I fell coming out of our tent (had gone in to get my art supplies 'cause it had stopped raining for awhile) and dislocated my ankle and broke it in 3 places totally shattering 1 bone. Well, 2 surgeries later, plus a metal plate and screws and pins that were in and then started coming out so were removed (deep breath), I'm ready to go camping again. Hope for at least a little sunshine!


Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats on your Blog AWard Laura! Very well deserved! I'll be thinking of you over your camping weekend. Stay dry and careful coming out of the tent. I am giving you the Blogger's "Camper's" award!

DJ said...

Congratulations! You know that I think your blog is supercool!
DON'T break a leg this weekend! :)

Kerri Jean said...

Eegads, with a story like that, I can't believe you still go camping!! What a trooper. I was in Round Top watching the rain at my mom's -- I didn't know that I had you and your trip to blame for the weather!!!