Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Back!!

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm back from the poetry/art workshops conference. It was really great!! Lots of listening to writers read poetry and lots of writing poetry. As any of you that like poetry know, it can be very emotional - both writing it and listening to it. So, there were more than a couple tears shed, too.
I took a doll-making workshop that ran 2 workshop periods (so 3 hours/day). The head and hands were sculpted from polymer clay and then they're mounted on wire/styrofoam and then dressed in kind of flowing robes. It's quite an undertaking and I discovered (before the end of the first 3 hour stint) that I quite simply hate sculpting polymer clay! I did continue for 3 days or put another way - 9 hours that I'll never get back - but that's a touch dramatic. LOL It is done except for the clothes, which I can complete at home.
Also took a workshop of doing collage and then having that lead to writing from the chosen images. That was a good one.
The pictures posted above are 4 x 5" and 2 3/4" square respectively and are beeswax collage.
I'll be back Monday with a new prompt. Have a good weekend!
Today's quote is one reason I won't give up my film cameras, even though I also enjoy my digital camera.
"Grace wanted to slit open the envelope now. There was always an excitement with a newly developed roll of film, an opening a gift expectancy, a hurry-to-the-mailbox-even-though-it's-always-bills rush that digital photography, for all its conveniences, could never duplicate." from Just One Look by Harlan Coben


Marilyn Rock said...

Laura! Glad to see you're back and you had a great time at the conference. I know we do discover things about them along the way. I, too, do not like the clay thing! I found that out at a retreat a long time ago. But; I'm sure you reveled in the poetry aspect of it - I think it sounds marvelous for you. Love your recent collages here :) WOW!

DJ said...

You're funny--9 hours I'll never get back! I've felt that way about things too. : )

kerrip said...

Your workshops sound like they were divine - in spite of the clay sculpting! Sounds like you had a wonderful time overall.