Monday, May 12, 2008

A Beeswax Collage and A Prompt

This is a beeswax collage that I did that I titled Parisian Girls. Ive always liked this image of the two young girls. They're definitely sisters and just look so sweet with their armloads of flowers.

The prompt for this week follows. Think of a dream that you remembered when you woke up. Now do art or write based on that dream. It could be an image from the dream or the mood or feeling that the dream left you with. (If by any chance you haven't remembered a dream in a long time, then do the activity based on a daydream!).

"Every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around." quote from the movie Vanilla Sky which I thought was a very strange movie, but I loved this line!


Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; this is a beautiful beeswax collage! I love the softness of it, the colors, and the image of the two sisters is just precious. I love their expressions! This is awesome framed! Great prompt, too.

kerrip said...

beautiful collage laura. and great quote -- one of these days, I will find time to share artwork based on your prompts - they're great. I am a vivid dreamer, but often forget them after waking.