Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exciting News!!

More info on this later, but I'm VERY excited today because I just found out that I'll be showing art work at a cafe/coffee shop in the Albany area! There are so many people on the list that want to show there that it won't be until next Spring, but I'm on the list. The hard part is done - seeing if they want to show your work. Even though I've been in shows and last year was a member of an artist's co-op and sold alot of work, it's still very hard to put myself out there and see if someone new likes my work. One of my daughters (my self-proclaimed "biggest fan") has been telling me for several months to go to this place and see about getting on the artist list. I finally got up the courage and the woman really liked my collages. WaHoo!!

"We need experiences larger than our problems. We need to see we're wearing the ruby slippers all the time." Richard Bartlett


Marilyn Rock said...

Laura! Congratulations! Woohoo is RIGHT! I can't wait to hear the details 'cause you know I'll be there to see your beautiful art on display!!!!!!!! This is very exciting.

kerrip said...

Wonderful news Laura!!! Do tell when the time draws near so that I can stop by... and I understand your hesitation. Our art is an extension of ourselves, so it takes courage to put it out there... but look what happens when you do?!!