Sunday, May 18, 2008

Window on Collage

These three photos are of a collage called "Innocence". It is made up of 2 canvases (6" x 8"). The front one has a window looking to the other canvas and the back one has the collage. The two canvases are hooked together by shell buttons that are nailed into the canvases and then laced together by waxed linen thread. The back of each canvas is lined with hand-dyed fabric covering mat board.

Well, I think that the Birthday celebrations are done for another year - kind of sad to see them go - they were great while they lasted!! ;-) Yesterday I had breakfast with a good friend. Lots of fun! Today was cake with 4 friends...very yummy cake! Now I have to get used to saying 54 for my age instead of 53. I'll get used to it about next May.

"A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams." John Barrymore


Marilyn Rock said...

Laura; wonderful window collage! Your colors and image - just fantastic!

kerrip said...

Wonderful construction and colors. Happy Birthday Laura!!! May this year be filled with art, friends and good health!!