Monday, May 19, 2008

Prompt #5 and a Couple Pics

"Fly" and "Follow Your Dreams" are 4" and 3" respectively and are for an on-line swap I'm participating in. They are both beeswax collages. That reminds me - note to self - get more beeswax! I melt it in a Melting Pot and smooth with a Clover craft iron. It goes a long way, but I'm down to a smallish chunk, so tomorrow need to stock up hopefully.

This week's prompt is one word REVERENCE. See where thinking about it takes you.

"Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a way of life." Frederick Franck


Marilyn Rock said...

These are marvelous collages Laura. The colors are beautiful - the sizes of these canvases are wonderful, too! The beauty of beeswax! Nothing like it! Your application is perfect!

kerrip said...

I just adore these little beeswax collages, Laura. I have five days off after today, and I am definitely going to do some beeswax collage!!!!