Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Back From a 3 Day Weekend

I hope that those of you that got a long weekend have enjoyed it. My husband couldn't get Monday, so took Friday and we went to Easton, Pa. for the weekend to visit my brother and his fiance'. I'd never been to Easton has a fantastic Farmer's Market (usually with a theme apparently) and there are some great shops and galleries. All of that plus the Crayola store (every Crayola product you can think of plus some you didn't know existed!) and Crayola Interactive Center. Just in case you are ever in the area, let me recommend 2 galleries. One is Ken Jones Jr. Fine Art (no relation to me) and the other is Connexions.

The pictures at the top are gifts I took to my brother and his fiance'. The pictures aren't very good (I just remembered to take them as we were ready to leave, so kind of threw them on black and snapped the shutter), but I think you can see the quote and all if you click on them to enlarge. The bottom one is my brother's (it is me and another brother as children). It is 8 x 10 painted and collaged on stretched canvas. I did it for a friend's swap awhile back, but we copied our work and traded that, so I was able to have this for my brother. The one for Jacquie is a 5 x 5" gallery stretched canvas and is done with the pug image (a napkin), tissue papers, mulberry paper, and beeswax. The wide sides of the canvas are all collaged, too. Jacquie has a pug named Maggie and when I saw this image I immediately thought of her.

The prompt for this week is to think of a flower that reminds you of a certain person. For example, my Grandma Goodnough had peony bushes all around her driveway. Peonies always make me think of her. Grandma Holley had glads and other flowers that worked well for cutting. Uncle Stan always grew sweet peas by his vegetable garden. Any time I see any of those, I think of that person. Choose a flower and do some art. You could paint or collage images of the flower. You could do art invoked by the feeling you have looking at the flower. Or if you are a writer, write a poem.

"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things in life which are the real ones, after all." Laura Ingalls Wilder


DJ said...

I'm not a big pug fan, but that collage is awesome! I bet Jaquie loved it. GREAT prompt! Morning glories, hollyhocks, petunias, and nicotiana always give me memories.

Marilyn Rock said...

Happy you had a nice weekend Laura. Love the pug collage and your self-portrait collage you gave to your brother - is wonderful! Super prompt!

JMJ said...

cool art! I bet they both loved the presents. I know it's not a flower but Lamb's Ears (those wonderfully soft silver white leaves) make me think of you and happy things.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Wow! These are lovely! Do you actually use the beeswax to stick on the collage pieces? Or is the beeswax just embellishment? It looks cool.

Nathalie Thompson said...

This artwork is SO fun! Wish you would post more. :)