Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Week's Ten on Tuesday

The topic for this week is 10 Bands/Artists That Remind You of High School. A fun topic to think about! My list follows:
1. Iron Butterfly
2. Steppenwolf
3. The Doors
4. Simon & Garfunkel
5. The Carpenters
6. Rod Stewart
7. Paul McCartney
8. Santana
9. James Taylor
10. Carole King


Vicki said...

How could I forget to put Carole King on mine. I looove her music still. I wonder how many times I listened to her "Tapestry" album???

The Social Frog said...

I love the Doors! Great list!

DJ said...

I have this intense dislike of James Taylor, but the others are pretty good. Of course, the list is just bands that remind you of high school, not ones you necessarily LIKE, right? You don't really like James Taylor, do you?
: )

Kerri Jean said...

OMG - DJ - James Taylor is THE MAN. I mean, the one and only. My one true, true love. I have never known anyone not to love him. really????

Anyway, this is my list. this was fun:
elton john
billy joel
cheap trick
joan jett
air supply
billy squier
earth wind and fire

DJ said...

I'm going to have to admit that my dislike stems from the fact that my husband does this horrendous imitation of James Taylor singing that "shower the people with love" song just to torture me. So I didn't actually dislike him until this started. Now I can't listen to any James Taylor without the awful imitation getting stuck in my head. So I'm kind of biased against him now. :)

Marilyn Rock said...

I've never been a huge music fan; even years ago. I think because it effects me somehow; and not in a good way. The only one that I truly love, to this day, is Joan Baez! I still listen to her.